The Eve of Armageddon


The sky is black, fog lifts the air,

The smell of fear is everywhere,

Homes abandoned, evil's reborn,

Within the ground, it's wings are torn,

On the eve of Armageddon.

Silent night of Earthen trembles,

Terror is what it's face resembles,

Tears within my eyes, my lip quivers,

While the city night air shivers,

On the eve of Armageddon.

We await the lord in Heaven's sky,

Upon the ground of soon flame and fry,

Foggy night of satanic bliss,

Wondering why it came out like this,

On the eve of Armageddon.

The sky rips open, darkness falls,

From the ocean, a creature crawls,

A look of torment on it's face,

This memory I can't erase,

On the eve of Armageddon.

Evil fiends roll out their tongues,

A look of fear on everyone,

Earthen mounds rise crippled Earth,

This day is the dark lord's rebirth,

On the eve of Armageddon.

Slimeback demons at my wake,

What filthy vermin, give or take,

Devil doth not speak my name?

Arisen from the land of flame,

On the eve of Armageddon.

Rose red clouds my eyes shant see,

This great unearthal fantasy,

I realize now that Heaven's fake,

Our god can't save us from this fate,

On the eve of Armageddon.

Does thou not slumber nevermore?

Darkness arisen from Earthen core,

Thy waking of the mourning moon,

This devastation came too soon,

On the eve of Armageddon.

Merciful lord now hear my plead,

And save me from this land, you need

To save me from this demon's scream,

And awake me from this cryptic dream!

On the eve of Armageddon.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

let me say again and again the same words from the core of my heart the logics expressed in this poem with a good idea.. I went through few of your poems and loved them are good poetess and hope you never stop writing and add more poems.. this poem is good and love it..hope you like my poems too.. and let me know if they also touch your heart.. I am basically a peace wisher poet with 6 books published... I am a peace dreamer, love-based peace promoter... hope you be with me... let me share here one of my own famous say with you... ( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with..afzal shauq

foxgloves's picture

I like this one. Good word usage.

SexyOldBAG's picture

You are such a great writer!
I really do love your poems!
And you need to share it with the world in book form ;D