I'm still left here empty handed... Nothing but a dream of you

Passing clouds and hour glasses, wishing what I saw was true

And just to pass away the time I tried to glue my heart

Not ripped, or torn, just separated... Pieces far apart.

And now I save this smile for you, I will away the tears

Of all the happiness we shared throughout the past four years

No need to be afraid of death, accept it, make it well

For all the memories we had and all the secrets we tell

I loved you enough to let you go, to let you leave my side

To break apart my empty world with shadows left to hide

Behind my eyes this life seems empty, abused and broken again

I never thought my heart could take your resting, final end

And as I walk this eternal path of hollow, forgotten lies

I'm terrified and hide behind a mask of spirit's cries

Of good and evil, life and death and more advances to come

I realize it was you I loved, you... The only one.

So as I live my life at ease just waiting for my time

I watch the clock-hands tick away my flaking, inner crime

And I feel myself slip away from all of those I know

Feeling myself go lifeless again, not letting my emotion's show

I hope they can forgive me for the pain I'm going through

Of silent, colourless dreams of fantasies and you

But people never understand for they are full of greed

Self obsessions, belligerence... Eyes that cannot see

So as I lie I dream of you in hopes of eternal sleep

I wish not to face the day as my eyelids start to creep

And tears begin to swell my eyes, your reflection fading through

Of being within your warm, safe arms... Spending forever with you.

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