Smile Like You're Still Happy


Sometimes I feel so fake that I need to make sure I'm alive

It hurts so much to cry, much more than the pain of these wounds

There are just too many scars upon this soul

Could I engrave your name into my heart?

Id like to keep it there for a while

Because I know I love you, and I'll always love you

But sometimes love is just too much...

I need to think about it for a while.

I'd like to hold you in my arms if you'd let me

Just to feel your heartbeat against my own

It feels so good... It feels like an eternity

One I'd like to spend with you

Will you please take me in your arms?

I want to hide from the world once more

A world so ugly, so fake... So impure

Hide me from its tragedies... Its just too much.

Is there any room in there for an artificial person?

I feel so fake without you; I think I'm in need of you now

To convert my self-consciousness into some sort of sanity

A form of protection and beauty within your eyes

Your embrace captivates me, tells a story with words unsaid

But they need not be said for your smile explains everything to me...

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foxgloves's picture

"Could I engrave your name into my heart?"
So deep. I love it.