Black and white are all the colours in this sudden haze,

That captivates me blindly as I stare into your gaze,

Crashing down upon me are the remnants of my soul,

Before I became empty, my heart was once so whole.

Of all the times we were at risk, we happened to survive,

I'm glad we saw the days in which our hearts were so alive,

We witnessed Armageddon, yet still no tears were shed,

We danced under the sunlight, we laughed so hard instead.

Our hands were always linked, and I once saw a smile,

The experience of happiness was all worthwhile,

We ran through the meadows and we never let go,

You curled up next to me as we were covered in snow.

The sunlight stayed longer, the moon was so bright,

The darkness had passed, leaving only the light,

When everything was perfect, your face and your eyes,

Before all of the sadness, before all of the lies.

And I still remember each night that you were mine,

As we sat up watching movies between small sips of wine,

The laugher at my stupid jokes, the kisses on your cheek,

Your words that left me breathless and swept me off my feet.

Your love made me feel human, so perfect and divine,

The voices and the laughter put me back on Cloud Nine,

I'd give up everything I know to have just one more chance,

To see prosperity in your eyes with every passing glance.

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