One Who Lies


If I kissed another, would you ever touch my lips again?

If I cut my wrists, would you ever hold my hand again?

If I lied to you, would you ever believe me again?

A glance now locked onto the floor; something I regret

Not being able to look you in the face,

If you had the chance,

If you could have anything you ever wanted,

Would you kill me slowly and painfully?

Please, put me out of this... Misery...

If I hid something from you, would you ever trust me again?

If I couldn't look you in the eye, would you think I didn't love you?

If I lied to you, would you ever believe me again?

Another smile, fake beyond belief,

Why does it matter when all I do is lie to you?

I'm tired of this life, I've already ruined it for me,

I wish that you could see past the lies, and look at me

Now tell me...

Is there true beauty behind my faded eyes?

Do you now see the true ugliness of the one who lies?

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foxgloves's picture

This reminds me of a poem I wrote a few years back. I like this one more than mine though. :)