Inner Lies


This day I throw away the things that make me happy

With my heart engraved upon my wrist, I die

Alone and influenced by a world full of pain

I'm lost without you, nothing without you

Its because I'm not pretty enough, not smart enough

I wish this ice-cold heart could be forgiven

But I guess thats not an option to this outer shell

These eyes only seek protection, but never come across

I regret, I don't wanna fight myself anymore

My inner beliefs want to fly on wings of hope

To a better world, somewhere far away from you

Because I'm tired of crying, shedding these tears for you

Only because you love to see me cry, is it?

I guess I deserve it, for hurting you this way

For hurting everyone this way...

Why must I do things I regret?

Disappearance from this world, thats what I deserve...

And with the blade that he took from my hands

I slit my throat

For you, my love... Can this sacrifice of blood cleanse your soul?

Does it make you happy to see me in pain?

Don't speak...

For it'll be too late before your first words are said...

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foxgloves's picture

Sad. But you know, sometimes you have to think about what YOU need, and not what the people around you need. I'm glad that you did that.