I Hate You; I Really Do


Closed in; I am locked behind a cage of metal bars

Being force-fed tragedy, once again having to repeat

The path to external freedom, dying slowly on the inside

From your lies, so shoot me in the head you fucker

Have your way, I only want to destroy this regret

I am a threat to myself

So watch me turn into a monster called SUICIDE

I will find you and I will eat you alive

I'll break through the cage you have trapped me in

I will break you too, destroy every piece of you

There is no evidence, nothing left behind

Except me; left in a room full of blood-stained walls

I am a threat to myself

No longer do I think, I just loose control

Reversing my insanity, levels of anger rising

I hate you; I really do...

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Silver Fox's picture

this pome is agout suicide for the people that do not know

i really like this one i's sad and i can see how you did this i love your stile of writing keep up the work love