Don't Forget To Kill Me


I close my eyes but all I see is you,

I see you look through me as if I'm no longer here,

You're not crying, you're just smiling,


Lost, and so alone,

Better off without someone like me...

I'm everything I hate,

I'm your biggest mistake,

I'm sorry that I loved you,

Could you forgive me?

I'm sorry that I lied,

Could you ever forgive me?

I'm sorry for all the tears I've cried,

For you...

So now let that smile remain on your face,

No matter if it's real or fake,

I'm happy when you're happy,

Cleanse the blood from my hands,

Don't forget to hold the gun to my head,

Don't forget to pull the trigger,

Don't forget to kill me...

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Silver Fox's picture

wow i really like this pome....i cant say what line is my favort becaues i like them all =D