Judas Wears a Bitter Heart


The skies are gray, it's raining

The sun has been dead for a lifetime In my eyes

I can feel your hands on me

Your face is angry, you're not smiling

I feel the force of a push against a wall

I feel the pain of your fist on my face

I can still see you,

Beating me...

I can still hear you,

Screaming at me...

I can still feel you,

Raping me...

Because of you my heart is torn,

Because of you I take this gun to my head,

And I pull the trigger...

My arms are broken,

My face is bruised and bloody,

I cannot move,

I feel so hollow inside...

But it hurts too much to cry.

I see your face, you're not smiling.

I see your face, you're not crying...

But I know in your voice that you're enjoying

Every minute of pain that you inflict on me...

I am not afraid of you now...

I cannot fear you now...

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foxgloves's picture

Amazing. Brutally honest.
I never knew you'd been in this sort of relationship.
We sure know how to pick em, eh?

Silver Fox's picture

no i like this your so good i wish i was as good as you
-_- oh-well