Revan's Lyric


I'm broken,

A shard of shattered glass perched amongst an empty window sill,

Waiting for someone to wake me up.

I'm ugly,

Broken, used, tossed around,

Am I nothing more then your toy to rip apart?

The ashes of a once loved somebody that is now lost within?

I wither,

I get old and die just like the rest of you,

I am one of you, I am the same,

Why do they crush me?

Is it because I do not belong?

Am I so hollow and empty that they cannot see me?

I weep,

A day which is undoing of scars upon these wrists,

It is my own fault,

My guilty conscience.

I'm alive,

So why must I be hated?

A heart which proves it's end in eternal rest

A final beat and flicker of an aching pulse

Is there anybody out there who is willing to love me?

A poor, shattered soul that has no will to live?

Why do they hate me?

Are they afraid of me, or is it me that I fear?

I turned my back... I am a sinner in my own retreat

A one-man platoon in a war of love and hate

I will overcome these thoughts of flame and drown

I will overpower those who are against me

I will become strong enough to hold my own warnings

And save myself from the Hell that I've created

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foxgloves's picture

Revan's an interesting name. It's like Raven, but.. not. :)
"A one-man platoon in a war of love and hate" <<< My favorite line. Very good.