I wish I could say that I was strong

And these painless wounds are all over now

That my scared and frightened heart isn't shivering anymore

But now I am lost

There's nothing I can tell you now

This life is hollow and empty

Just like you...

Without the light these eyes can't see

A darkness beyond these four walls

Impaired perfection in your eyes

To those who will not face the light

I've fallen...

I'll let fate become my hero

Savior of what could have been

Inside my walls I'm safe and free

From painless wounds, and a dark, hollow nothingness

I call the world...

Falling from this imperfection

I wait for you and close my eyes

These painless wounds refuse to heal

Still I don't feel a thing

So I let go of this unfeeling heart

And let the rest of the world captivate you

In all it's bitterness...

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