The Executioner [Part 2]


I see the fear within their eyes,

That they are trying to cover up,

They are ones to wander the streets,

Without a face, or a name,

Hiding behind another criminal mask,

I am their leader, their peace-maker,

I've broken through their masks,

And found the treasures they have hidden,

Just another kill, another unknown face,

I see their fear as if their fear was that of my own,

In their eyes, and behind their undisturbed smile,

I see the fear... And smell the fear...

There are no reasons, no forgiveness,

They all deserve this, to be forgotten,

No life is worth saving,

There will always be sacrifices,

No tears, no fear, just a nameless face,

Eyes closed and awaiting their death,

No apologies, just a pathetic smirk,

And they're dead.

The guilt swirls in their mine, not my own,

Yet they are unknown to me, I know their stories,

They try and cover up their fear with a smile,

But I see through,

I see what the world really is,

Pathetic, blind, artificial,

Full of unforgiving filth like me,

But I forgave them,

I forgave them because nobody else would,

Although I know their stories,

Although I know it's their fault,

But everyone pays for their sins,

We are all sinners,

Nobody is innocent.

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foxgloves's picture

I like it still - though the first part was indeed very good.