Hang me by strings,

Take this knife and cut right through me,

Watch me bleed, watch my eyes close,

Oh, did I forget to tell you?

You've killed me inside.

So I could not move you've bound my ankles,

You put what's important behind a wall,

This is the reason why I am still in sight.

I was never important to you...

Was I?

Do you remember the pain within my eyes,

When I told you that I was okay?

Could you not tell that I was lying?

I'm sorry for pretending,

It's just so hard to be myself...

A forlorn heart now torn in two,

I disappear behind this smile,

You'll never know, you never knew,

Along with every cut on my skin,

The pain is always there.

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"Oh, did I forget to tell you?
You've killed me inside."
Imagine someone telling you that! BAM! Right to the heart.