The Executioner [Part 1]


Under a dark starry night

My smile steals the light,

Weak humans run from me,

The strong fear me,

I'm nothing but a lost soul,

Nothing but a runaway,

My life is made for death,

For taking other's lives,

I wear them as my own,

I have no shame,

I'm not ashamed,

I've nothing to loose,

I'm hung by a noose,

Each face I see is the same,

Each person without a name,

Such a shame...

Their blood is mine,

Another souvenir,

To kill the pain they kill their fear,

They get what they deserve,

For doing wrong,

They are nothing to me,

Just the enemy,

Another kill, another stolen life,

How I envy them, all of them,

To die would be a privilege,

I have nothing to loose,

I'm just alone,

I can't cry, I can't smile,

I'm just fake,

It's always the same,

I have no faults...

Another worthless night,

As the moon speaks,

And the sky cries a song of despair,

I wait for them there,

Still holding on to a lost memory,

A nameless disguise

Holds my head high,

Just waiting to die,

Unable to say "I'm Sorry",

Unable to forgive,

Let none live,

All must die,

It's not their fault,

I live and they die,

I live so they can die,

Wandering this Earth,

With no pride, nor doubt,

I live without a face,

Scars left without a trace,

I have nothing to loose,

Nothing to regret,

I'm not ashamed...

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foxgloves's picture

"I live so they can die" Hm.. Interesting.