All my Sons and Daughters


The crook of your soft neck,
So succulent to enjoy,
While this old house squeaks,
And the impenetrable light,
Awakens me to face the darkness,
Of another day.

But a yawn will crackle through my throat,
And my eyes will be speckled with pieces of sand,
My palms flat against your chest,
With fingers curled into your beautiful skin.

I will forever be the sanctum of your soul...

And through the glossy fixture
Mounted upon the wall
Your eyes drift open to expose your abundant features,
Within your wise yet innocent eyes,
And I know to this day,
That no child can compare,
To the love that I feel for you.

So let me shelter you, son,
From the storm I call the world,
So devoid of a calm eye - a gentle heartbeat,
They will only hurt you, my love,
A plume of smoke - whispering to the sky,
With a lament that the sun cannot even recognize.

But will you be so beautiful tomorrow?
When the sun hits your face, and you survive?
When I am not holding your slumbering face,
With fingers entwined in your Auburn hair?

To me, I want to hold you,
Upon my breast forever,
And never let the world touch you.

I want to tell my sons and daughters,
That I will remain your tourniquet,
And you are not alone - only the dark may be,
And as daybreak hits, I'll remain,
The victim of this fascist lullaby,
That I am eternally lost within.

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beautiful work

truly heartfelt - well done

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Great piece of writing

Great piece of writing

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