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My favorite colors are NEON and SPARKLY colors! <-- ya i know... anyway i have a dream about being famous. flashing lights, celebrities, parties, fun, designer clothes, and money...i want to fix up all of the animal shelters in the world. :D im really into fashion. i love americas next top model, project runway, jessie, zoey101, big bang theory, and bbig rich texas. i love having fun and meeting new people. i am a very bubbly, funny, colorful girl who is just trying to! im getting there, i really am. :D

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ITS HOT!! haha well its pretty normal, i guess. i want to get it pierced. its pretty cute...i thinks it is adorable! <3 haha

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youtube is about to be my life. im going to make my own youtube channel. im a really good singer and i am going to post videos of myself singing so maybe i will be discovered and then get signed. and then before i know it, i will be singing a duet with justin bieber on stage at a sold out concert at madison square garden!! yup thats my dream...its gonna work. someday ;D

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"dont fall for someone unless they are willing to catch you" "everyone says that disney world is the happiest place one earth...obviously they've never been in your arms" <3
im really good at drawing anime characters. and i can paint my nails pretty good :D
umm....well i have a lot of poems. no favorite writer except for me. im my #1 fan...for now ;D


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