When Life Gives You...

Would you like a cup of lemonade
to go with your helping of pain
I have plenty to give to you
That I'd hardly needed to attain
A gift to me, let me pass it on
Please, take a glass or two
It hurts to see you crying
I can make it easier for you

Thank you, I am very thirsty
But I'm afraid I can't agree
I can't use the graces you possess
Please, just leave me to be
While you were given lemonade
I was only given a peel
I have nothing to hold your gift
I have only the pain I feel

But child, your eyes are swollen
What is it that caused these cries?
Ah, it is but these shells of lemons
Dripping into my eyes
Why don't you take them away?
You don't have to burn
Don't you see? It's all I have
They are all I've earned

You don't have to carry this
There are other paths to take
Life has given me empty lemons
It was not a careless mistake
These rinds are my burden
With nothing left to squeeze
Would you like some lemonade?
Why yes, yes please.

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