Flames surround and captivate, in your eyes they danced

Blind fury of manipulation instantly entranced

Careless and curious, eager only to be free

You couldn’t listen to what you refused to see

Drawing nearer, your precious face, closing into fire

Flickering its hate, consuming your desire

All I ever wanted was to keep you safe from harm

But now I watch as you slowly fall for evil’s lonely charm

All my will pushing to liberate your soul

But even now, as I speak, the fire’s beyond my control

What you’ve started and what you continue to deny

Can never be mended, your fate twisted awry

I’m sorry I didn’t have strength enough to pull you away

But all in all, whose choice had it been to stay?

I’ll turn my head as I say, you get what you earned

For when you play with fire, you will always get burned

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