Broken Picture

Crisp shattered glass
Snaps beneath her feet
Remnants of a broken age
Leaving a past incomplete
Broken shards cut her hands
Reaching to find the smile
Trying, instead, to pretend,
But no one's left to beguile.
Pictures are frayed beyond repair
Too many pieces have been torn
Trying to erase herself from the world
Often wishing she had never been born.
That smile had once had meaning
But time fades the truth away.
And with it, hope and memories
Leaving a jaded child to stray.
There are no more tears, now
But no smile behind which to hide.
It's become so cold in this world,
And she has frozen outside.
Still-framed moments hit the floor
The past finally put to rest
And with it taking a misplaced soul,
Coming to meet her dark request.

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