Loves Sacrafice

Leather straps bind her wrists and ankles,

Once clean sweep and her shirt falls off,

Staring into hypnotizing deep brown eye?s,

Face hidden behind a black mask,

Tears fall steadily on either side of her face,

Upon her chest a faded scar of heart break,

Her broken heart never forgotten,

A slice across  her stomach and it fills with a river of blood,

Goose bumps cover?s her body,

Pain fill?s her eye?s,

Regretting giving the entrance to her heart,

An X of blood forms from to cut?s across her heart,

A blank stare Fills her gaze,

Voice a mumble in the masked predators head,

Screams so loud but no ones hears,

Masked removed,

Looked back at just a refection of everything she hates,

Broken and shattered by a broken heart,

Love?s Sacrifice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was inspired to write this poem after I read a book.

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