A Sunset


The blend of yellow, orange, and red

covered the sky as she sat resting her head

the grass gently threaded in her hair

to leave her world looking anything but bare.

The laughter flowed swiftly with the breeze

over the waves of the first of seven seas

and then came the sigh that had escaped her mouth

this paradise took away every single doubt.

She sat up and straightened her white dress

and reached up to find her copper hair a mess,

the laughter she heard once again

and looked up to find her daughter dive in,

she came back out and ran back the other way

and quickly after ran the hero who was here to stay.

Through the giggles and chuckles came paradise

the man she loved and the sugar and spice,

Her beautiful little daughter matching the skies

and the incredible man who now looked into her eyes.

Her daughter sat beside her all dripping wet

as evidence and innocence of life's best bet,

and the man who was her hope and her life

kissed the lips of his soon to be wife.

He sat down beside her on the opposite side,

and hugged the woman who was all his pride,

and in return she hugged them both tight

greatful that God had given her baby a new father within sight.

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