Your Promise

I asked you for a favor

one that seemed quite short

just a simple little task

to read what it was that i wrote

to read the words i'd written

for they came from deep inside

and to write what you thought about them

as a treat for me on the side

i waited and i waited

for what seemed like days on end

and when i checked to see if you'd written

i was disappointed once again

you promised you would write

and for some reason i believed you

when really i never should have

all the other times should have been my clue

you really had no time for me

because of all that was going on at work

there were problems here and there

so our time together stayed short

so a couple days later

i went just to see

if maybe i'd been wrong

and you'd done what you promised me

i saw the beautiful comments

people had written for me

and felt such heart-felt emotions

at how close my dreams seemed to be

but later when i read them

just one more time, again

i was mad at what i didn't see

because your promise came to an end.

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Mona's picture

This must be the poem about how you wanted your dad to read your poems. I'm sure he was very proud of you after he read are a beautiful writer:)

word_man's picture

well i read it,and i liked it


ron parrish