I hate the way I worry

about every little thing

I hate the way I'm terrified

of what your fate might bring

I hate that I think you hate me

at times when I need you most

I hate it that I feel so distant

when I really want to be close

I hate the way I talk to you

when I'm angry or when I'm sad

I hate how it's hard to understand me

and how I seem to make you feel bad

I hate the way I make you feel

like nothing but ugly dirt

I hate that I can't control it

and how it makes me hurt

I hate how some things I can't tell you

cause I know the problems they'd cause

I hate that I used to tell you everything

and now that's come to a pause

I hate it how sometimes

I can't tell you how i feel

and I hate how when i used to

you made it sound unreal

Most of all I hate it

that I wrote this about you

because despite all that's been said and done

I still really love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The person will know who they are..

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Joe Logsdon's picture

The title of this poem drew me in. I can't believe my eyes. To be so young and in love, is awesome. I love this poem. I love that you did the "10 things I hate about you" approach. It's just awesome. This poem rules. And is so bitter-sweet and so surreal.


Kayleigh Troop's picture

hey, mine name is kay.. i got the link to your site from my friends guest book. I really lovee this poem. its great and you expressed yourself brilliantly. Keep writing, you deffinitely got something going for you:) if you ever get bored, check out my site, and if not thats alright too lol. But i liked this poem a lot. Great job. -kay-

Melissa Mondoro's picture

love it.. the 10 things i hate about you poem variation hehe.. very nice and i can definetley relate to a love/hate relationship.. keep writing cuz you're awesome

<3 mel