Home Again


The screams of horror fill the air

as children watch their parents die

Not knowing that never again will they see them

yet still the tears flood their eyes

Their parents, so brave and so strong

now lie helplessly down on the ground

With a river starting up from their hearts

a red river filled with the deadliest sharks

"But their eyes are open why can't they see?"

"Why can't they open their mouths and just talk to me?"

"Their hands are freezing they're gonna catch cold."

The children will all remember this even when they're old

The wind isn't blowing, the trees stand still

and watch as the chilren are slowly killed

But unlike their parents their bodies still move

with held back tears that give them something to prove

As they lay with their parents in the dirt

their empty hearts and bellies all begin to hurt

But they all remember what they've been told

never leave your parents to go off on your own

So shivering they hug their parents tight

as the sun leaves the sky taking away its light.

Slowly, the children with their eyes open wide

one by one all begin to die...

and are warm again in their parents' beds

with the fingers of their mothers lovingly stroking their heads.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was just thinking...What really goes on in these little children's heads?

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Mona and Forrest's picture

Very heartfelt and sad...once again, you do a great job of expressing deep emotion and bringing visual imagery to your reader's heads.

Whatever you do, you will do well:)