I lay in the grass looking at the sun

my face flushed, eyes twinkling green

I can feel the wind brush my sunkissed cheeks

and bring back to me all that was done

Gently the wind lifts my hair

and I close my eyes in retreat

I take a deep breath and open my eyes

and let the wind take me to its lair

Slowly floating, I wonder when it was

that I started to give in without a care

but backing out is not an option

for already I'm floating like a dove

I brush the hair off my face and sigh

as the wind carries me away

my breath hitches and I know I'm up high

and the wind brushes away all I have to say

Suddenly I sit in a small dark room

where nothing makes me feel at home

instead I feel eternal doom

at these intense feelings of being alone

I look around but the grass is gone

nothing soft left for me to lay upon

I look up but the ceiling blocks the sky

now I can only dream so high

My cheeks burn a crimson red

no more wind to say what it's said

I gaze down to find a way to leave

and find another person laying down by a tree

Her face is flushed, eyes twinkling blue

as she lays there without a care

and then as was it all becomes true

suddenly my heart's stripped bare

I watch as she closes her eyes, and takes in a deep breath

with her hair all over her face

and suddenly I think of death

like my life is one big race.

She has become who I am

and for that I am scared

for I know what I have caused

because I never cared.

The wind on her face is no apology at all

just a trail to retrace my fall

yet unlike with me, there was a twist of fate

that took away all feelings of hate

Till this day, the dark room is still dark

as i lay here thinking of it all

and still the feelings weigh down on my heart

and no one's there to catch me when I fall

There's no more grass, or eyes that twinkle bright

just a deep void that's taken salvation out of sight

everyone who I thought was once there

is another thing that's been stripped bare

for now lays the blue eyed girl

who once was a flower ready to unfurl

and still in this dark room, my heart torn

I sit here, scared, for i know i am this flower's thorn.

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justmikey's picture

This was wonderful! I felt the ethereal lightness and beauty of the beginning, the claustrophobia in the middle and the hurt at the end. Your comment on not making sense...I have to disagree with you. To me at least, this made a world of sense. Once again, wonderful!

Kristine Snow's picture


This poem does make sense. Everyone interprets a poem in their own way. What I read might not be what the next person reads. The poem has some real insight. Keep writing.


Melissa Mondoro's picture

this is really beautiful.. i loved the way it flowed and i could really feel that it came from deep feelings.. keep writing it's beautiful..