"Not One Single Tear"


Seeing how the people lived in the midst of defeat

pushed forth the soldiers to create a retreat

to create such a scene vivid with horror

in hopes of making the poor even poorer

and to liven the fear that lived in the soul

of every child who watched the blood flow

out of the bodies of their parents and all they loved

and to wonder whether this was sent from above.

As eyes filled with innocence suddenly grew old

the warmth once had transformed into cold

the tears held back, in an attempt to be strong

burned the eyes of those to whom they belonged

and the tender hearts of all those who saw

suddenly turned scarred, icey and raw.

Yet through all that was seen, a determination was set

as the children would grow up and the clocks would be reset,

but still did they strive to stay bold and strong

the children to whom these other children belonged

and continuously through the times of numbing pain

a plan was being formed to help the 'losers' gain

what was rightfully theirs from the very start

a life of peace with a still tender heart.

And finally when the poor, orphans, and all

had built a strong bridge that garunteed no fall

they set out to fulfill their goal to its very last

and give back the others what they had felt from the past

yet unlike those who had wanted to defeat

this team only caused the soldiers to retreat

without instilling the children with fear

for they knew all that was felt through the expression of not one single tear.

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Kristine Snow's picture

This one is really good. First of all it just flows along - you really have the "sound" to it right. Second, it packs a real punch. And, third, it tells a story. Whether you "understand" what you are talking about or not, really is beside the point. Because the poem makes a point. Again, real depth and insight here.


dina k's picture

i understood exactly what the author was talking about. i understand what she meens, and feel bad. if you were not to know what she was talking about, she is right. you need to learn. think about it, and it will become a very clear picture. :P

David Kapp's picture

This is an awesome poem.. thank you to the auther to commenting on one of my poems "In the Shadow" and..you did, what not many can do. you brought a tear to my face..and i barely ever let that happon willingly...so, thank you. and keep writeing. you got major talent! i look forward to reading new poems by you, adn ill try to start writeing more..ive had a writeing block for about a week :-\...so, thanks for commenting agean, and if you wanna talk im me at Anticrombie12120 (aim)
Anticrombie1414 (Yahoo)