Bittersweet Was The Moment


Bittersweet was the moment that had arrived

for gray transformed into a color that survived,

a color that stained the path along which it rode

to show all that mattered that now, it glowed.

Bittersweet was the moment that had come

for now again the rainbow seemed finished, done,

and now without secret it arched in the sky

to bring forth the beauty to all the passersby.

Bittersweet was the moment sent from above

for now the past flew back like a dove,

graceful and almost perfect as it once was

when gray hadn't a color to stain what it loved.

Bittersweet was the moment, or so was believed

for gray's color now had only been received,

through a mix of hard work and painful struggling

it was never rich in color from the very beginning.

Bittersweet was the moment, or so it seemed

on which the gray color had set all its dreams,

yet their was no gray in the rainbow of society

not even a drop to hint its availabitlity.

Bittersweet was the moment, yet not anymore

for the gray's new blend brought no more galore,

and to the lovely color that it wanted from the past

was sent forth a love that did not seem to last.

For now the gray's blend was once agian dull

and the color that it wanted was there only to lull,

to bring forth a droplet of false hope

to make it easier for the gray color to cope.

Bittersweet was the moment that did not seem to last,

for never in history did a rainbow reappear from the past.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you read 'The Great Gatsby' this is a poem about Gatsby and Daisy's meeting once was an assignment so if anyone has suggestions feel free to tell me..thk you

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I sure hope you got a good grade on the assignment! Great work.