*The Message Behind Your Smile*


It seemed like forever, when your smile shined just for me

and when it did i couldn't help but think, 'could it really be?'

I know it may seem like i try to hide the truth

but in my world things aren't so without the proof

yet because i love you and because i am scared

i'm trying to stop finding reasons why you seem to care

because i know that if i keep looking

i might come up with reasons that are quite disappointing

i have to learn to take and accept

and not worry about what i might regret

i love you so much that sometimes it hurts

i don't want to lose you but i feel cursed

i feel like we're bound only with a single thread

and that someday it'll snap and bring forth the end

i know it's my fault that maybe we went our separate ways

but if i could go back, all i can say

is that i was young and i didn't know

that what i said would make the love stop its flow

i really do hurt in my heart

for the love that we don't have that was there from the start

but as it was, just yesterday

your smile was aimed right my way

and the hope burried deep inside

exploded in my chest, and my smile i couldn't hide

slowly, i know, or maybe not

all the things i have said will be forgot

but i never know it may be sooner

for with your smile it seemed truer

that we'll go back to what we used to be

when the world only revolved around you and me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the only poem like this that came straight from the heart.  

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dina's picture

i really like this poem, because it leaves you hanging. we all want to find out who this person is, but it is good to know that she feels this was about someone. this person must be really good hearted. keep writing!!