A friend to me, is a friend who sees...

Through the good times and through the bad

a friend reminds you of the good times you've had

when the sun sets too soon

that friend should be there to fend off the moon

to make the day which was so loved

come back in sight to shine again from up above

and with the sun's glittering shine

the friend should heal the pain with time

when at first it seems like the end is near

that friend should tell you that they are here

even when you never call

that friend should understand through it all

When you've been gone for so many days

that friend should be there in so many ways

fighting and fighting for you to be strong

and helping you to move along

But when a friend just starts to get mad

the person who needs them is left to be sad

and that friend who has waited all day for your call

maybe just isn't that special friend at all

when they can't see whats really going on

despite what you've told them: they disappear, they're gone.

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Now this one really makes sense! You have the friend thing down totally. Believe me, you don't want someone who isn't going to be there through the bad and only hangs in while the going is good. You can and will make true friends in high school. You might not even realize it then. Give it 20 years or so!

I enjoyed this one.