I am a seeker of the Truth now and forever,

Day, night, and all in between--my ties to focus cannot be severed

Though it is often elusive I shall trail its incomparable scent nevetheless,

Until it has nowhere to go in time or space but into my waiting breast

It was hidden from me for so long and I shall wait no longer,

Whispering such things to me as "whatever doesn't kill me will make me stronger"

But without it I can and will only grow weaker--the efforts of my struggle--day by day, making my faith turn meeker

I do not truly understand its origin or warm-blooded purpose,

I perceive only its transformity--making all else worthless

Why does it escape me so, then?  If its demeanor is indeed grave?

Can it not see that my quest to satisfy curiousity has made me a slave?

Where is its sympathetic ear when my heart is in need?

In the race for my rescue--where in the world is its speed?

Am I not one that is deserving of pity--a discarded soul of shame?

One that is wretched beyond creation--twice owed the essence of blame?

Ofcourse I am--maybe that is why I seek it, to prove to myself for all existence that I truly need it,

So I will remain a seeker of the Truth--now and forever

And when I find Him--He shall find me, and our bond shall never be severed.

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anastazia's picture

i really, really like this poem, it reminds me so much of what's in the heart of my new-age friends I witness to, that long for truth but have yet to meet Him!

i like your style, your way of stringing words together like pearls on a string, one connected to the other with beauty & power...
...keep writing, it's a gift God's given some to heal heart's..our own, & others...
...off to read more of your work now!