Unsettled Dust

By the raw, yet gentle strength of wind trees are rattled.

In the darkness

Like an hourglass, raindroplets are scattered over every roof.


The weight of the rain drops hangs on each branch


Sliding off, but with friction naturaly and the wind blows generously.


The wind is strong, so strong it's capable of breaking.

In the darkness the wind rattles, pounds on trees and roofs.

Trees crakle as they loose limbs.


The morning comes eventually.

Sprinkled, unsettled debris of tree dust revealed by the sun.



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The great English ghost story

The great English ghost story writer, Robert Aickman (1914-1981) used this same title for a very chilling tale; and your poem certainly partakes of the atmosphere of such.


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Years but i answer

I might not ever read that book, but i am certain poets have some unseeable connection which is easily discerned.