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musicmusicmusicmusicmusicmusicmusic...and, occasionally, reality (just as a hobby though)

I'm heavy into music, if you couldn't tell. I've been playing Double Bass in my school Orchestra since i was 8, jazz bands since i was 9, and professionally in a band since i was 13 til 19 (they stabbed me in the back bigtime). Now i'm in a jazzy acoustic project and play the upright bass there and i'm so much happier. I'm going to go for a Major in music composition, and eventually be teaching music.

Music isn't all though. I've done alot of photography and done some pretty inventive stuff, drawing sketching and cartooning (working on an indie cartoon series), poetry (duh :-p ), and amateur philosopher ...whatever that means.

Also, I work as an assistant manager in a bookstore Cafe (that will go unnamed--but it's not borders, thank gawd) so i know more about beans, grinding, roasting, brewing, and all manner of coffee and machines than any human should, really.

i guess i should mention i'm really really mechanically inclined...it's insane, really. i build things...mechanical things...always have...end of story...

Anyway enjoy my twisted tales of personal introscopic madness from deep within uppermiddleclasssuburbia *shudders* where your best is never good enough, and your failures are reasons to reconsider living. what a horrid existance.....great for kids, fun for the whole family.....enjoy!

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One who will not reason is a BIGOT,
One who can not is a FOOL,
and one who dares not is a SLAVE!


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