Cowards don't save lives


I want to cry

I want to scream

are things as bad

as they seem?

I tripped over darkness

and fell into it's embrace

and now I hardly know myself

I hardly recognize my face

I hide myself in my room

isolating myself from society

keeping myself at a distance

so they don't know me

Hearing voices in my head

voices no one else can hear

and like snow covers the ground

I am covered by this fear

people see that I am afraid

but they do not ask if I am okay

they see that there is something wrong

but they ignore it and just walk away

and when I started to bleed

they closed their eyes

cause they didn't want to know

about the pain I felt inside

everyone thinks I am the coward

but how can they say that is true

when they are the ones who ignore

the suffering I am going through

and when I finally break

no one will remember my name

they won't think of me

until the day they know my pain

maybe one day someone will look back

and wished they could have saved me

but it's too late to help me now

cause I am no longer going to breathe

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