Schizophrenia: Welcome to my world


my tears can end your drought

and my pain can turn you inside out

my suffering could fill your void inside

and my lonlieness could walk by your side

my sorrow could drown you like quicksand

and then maybe you would barely understand


until an earthquake moves the ground below you

until a tornado comes and ruins everything you do

until tears become your water you drink every day

until everything you thought you had got taken away

until you have lay in bed at night scared to death

of what the voices might say or do next

until your mind becomes your worst enemy

until there is absolutely no remedy

until you hurt so much that you can barely stand

only then will you even be able to begin to understand

my fear could feed a thousand starving people

and my numbness could make a novicaine needle

my depression could make the sky blue

my paranoia could make any lie come true

my hallucinations could take your hand

and then maybe you would barely understand


so please don't say you understand what I am going through

if you have never been here and experienced it too

cause there is no way that you could understand unless you've been here before

sometimes I wonder why I am alive at all and what life is for


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