If it makes you feel better


give me a reason to smile and I will smile for you

but instead you keep killing me with all you do

and my soul's blood is all over your hands

cause you have destroyed all that I am

you try to wash the blood from your hands each day

but believe me the stains haven't gone away


you make yourself feel good by breaking me

you get a high from making my soul bleed

you live to kill everything I have inside

then you laughed at every tear I cried

what did I do to you to deserve this hell

but kill me if it makes you feel better about yourself

destroying me is the cure for your low self esteem

making someone else feel pain is what you need

you are addicted to hurting everyone you know

instead of looking for a friend you look for a foe

cause you want everyone to hurt as much as you do inside

so you act surperior and your insecurities you hide


but don't worry I can take it all

you may hurt me but I will not fall

cause I have enough confidence in myself

so hurt me if it makes you feel better about yourself


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