For the hurting hearts


when you look at all the stars up in the sky

do you ever feel small, invisible to human's eye

do you ever feel like you are just a fly on the wall

standing on the outside, noticed by no one at all

well there is someone who cares when no one else does

and there is someone who loves you like no one else loves

and you are more precious to him than all the stars

he has memorized every inch of your shattered heart


so bring your worthlessness

and lay it down before him

take your sorrow and your shame

and give it right to him

let him carry that weight for you

and give your back a rest

give it all to Jesus

and he will take it from there

when you look at all the raindrops falling to the ground

does it make you feel sad, does it bring you down

do you feel as though you are just passing life by

and you can't seem to find happiness no matter how hard you try

well you don't have to worry anymore cause he is here

and he has come to wipe away your every single tear

if you will just let him in he will help you heal

only he can take away all this pain that you feel


he will take your pain and make it his own

you will never have to go through anything alone

he will always be there reaching out his hand

when you fall he will help you stand again

just trust his grace and he will lead you every day

his mercy never ends, he will wash your sins away


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teresa_r's picture

This beautiflul and so
true I love your Poems.