Friends for life


more than words could ever express in any way

all you mean to me, there are no words I can say

the stars can't even imagine, they would be surprised

how you light the way for me more than any star in the sky

and all the oxygen that is in the air

it keeps me alive but it could never compare

to how alive I am when you are with me

you're the beating in my heart and the air I breathe


friends for life God gave to me

you have become my greatest blessing

no one else could stop the bleeding

your friendship is what I was needing

I came broken and left brand new

I came empty and found myself in you

and I can't ask for any greater gift

than all the happiness I find in your friendship

a million prayers of gratitude couldn't thank God enough

for all the respect I recieve from you, all of the love

and now lonliness doesn't have a home in me anymore

and my pain isn't paid in tears like it was before

I've learned to trust, I've learned to let in

and now I don't feel so trapped inside my skin

you've done what no one else has been able to do

and I just want to take this chance to say thank you


all this time I was buried alive

but now I have finally come to life

I have found who I am deep inside

in the past so many times I have died

but now every breath is worth taking

and every choice in life is worth making

I wish I knew how to tell you what you mean to me

but words are so ineffective compared to what I feel in me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my friends for life, Annie, Heather, and Amy.  I love you all!

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