The Rage


deep inside of me I try to keep

but the rage within me will not sleep

it wakes and rubs it's sleepy eyes

and all this time I've been trying to hide

to deal with this rage that burns within my heart

I don't even know where I should start

cause the rage is so deep and so strong

and it's been hiding inside of me so long

it wants to come out and show it's face

the enemy and monster within me I embrace

I want to destroy it forever but it is a part of me

and the deeper I hide it the more it yearns to break free

how much longer will I be able to hold it back within these chains

cause right now the rage has caused me so much unbelievable pain

how I hate this part of me and wish it would die

but I don't know how much longer this rage can stay inside

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ugh so much pain and anger, so little words to describe it......

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