A million pieces



I want you to break me into a million pieces tonight

shatter my heart until everything in me is all right

tear me apart and then put me back together again

I surrender myself to you until the very end

cause I am sick of being this way and feeling this pain

these walls need to be broken down so I can feel the rain

right now my praise is worthless to you, I'm just another tongue

I lift up my hands but it means nothing, I'm just another someone

and my worship is meaningless and stale as I sing my song

as much as I may not want to admit it my passion is gone

I need you to mold me so that I may become a servent to you

and become more like Jesus and be made brand new

I hunger for you, I want to love you more

than I've ever loved you or anyone before


I stand in church in vain

and everytime I call your name

the words I say just mix in with the air I breathe

and I know I can try to hide but you will always find me

so make me humble, help me to surrender

I want to follow in your ways forever

so lead me down your perfect road from now on

cause you are my everything, my one and only God


I'm sick of being the way I am

so won't you wash me in the blood of the lamb

I want to be holy, I want to be clean

and you are all the I will ever need


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What a testimony, I'm a Christian myself and I pray everyday, to be closer to him, good job!