The blue dress

I can still picture that blue dress. That blue dress that brings back so much fond memories. My grandma was a small woman, with kind eyes and a warm smile. You would never see her without her hair made and those cute little white shoes. I can still remember the first time she wore that blue dress. It was a sunny day; I was about six years old and she came to wake me up since it was my birthday. She told me to get up because she was taking me and my sister to the park for a while before the party and that was the first time I saw her wearing that dress. I can still picture her sitting down on the blanket, sun shining in her grey hair, looking at us with that sweet smile she only had for us and giving us a cup of juice. From then on she would always wear that blue dress for my birthday or any special occasion. It didn’t matter if it was sunny, raining or snowing, she always had that blue dress. I just loved the way she looked when she wore it, it was as if she glowed. The dress had a v cut cleavage it wasn’t too pronounced, just the right amount. Then it would snuggle up against her waist, where she would always place a white belt and then it would just flow. It wasn’t a short dress nor a long one, just the right length. It was like it was made especially for her. I think she knew it made me happy to see her wear it. She and I always had a special connection, she even understood me better than myself. She always brought great joy to my life; she was my favorite person in the world. We would always make Christmas cookies together, spent hours just talking about nothing and everything and she always knew how to put a smile on my face no matter what. I wish I could have seen her one last time smiling and wearing that dress we both loved so much. But now it’s with her on the other side and I just hope that someday I can see her again, wearing that blue dress. Just giving me that warm special smile that showed how much she loved me, like I loved her.

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loved this so different and original..Kindly read my single work here.