"Thine and Thine Alone”

I wandered through a field one day, without a worry or a care

Mesmerized by all the beauty, my heart it did ensnare

Until I came across a stone, then did all the glory cease

For when I looked upon it, written was “rest in peace”

And as I looked down upon those words, there a small voice I did hear

A tiny flower growing near the stone, did beg me to come near.

“There is a story to this stone, a very sad one I must admit.

But if a few minutes you have to spare, I must request you listen, sit.

Beneath this stone there lies a boy, who died early in his days

To protect the one he loved the most, the ultimate price he was forced to pay.

This story starts some time ago, in a village that lies just in sight

Two childhood lovers torn apart, by a most despicable plight.

There a family, worn and poor, sold their daughter to a man

Who paid them only a meager wage, barely enough just to keep their land

The man took their daughter far away, his servant she was to be

She was to fill his every desire, and be used most sexually.

When the boy did hear this, his heart filled with anger and with pain

For he knew he could never find another, that he would love like her again.

The lad left that very evening, to chase after his one true love

‘I swear to God I’ll rescue you. I swear to Lord above’

He followed the road for many miles, for many nights and days

Refusing to rest a single moment, until the one who took her pays

Without food or shelter he followed them, carrying only a dagger in his hand

He would slit the man’s throat as he slept; at least that’s what he had planned.

After nearly a week, in the dead of night, his search came to an end

When he heard his true love screaming, from a house on the road’s end

His heart started racing, and he clinched his knife, and he sprinted for the door

As he barged in the first thing he saw, was his love lying naked and bloody on the floor.

The boy went into a murderous rage, and charged at the man with his knife

And though it only took but a second, the boy took the villain's life.

He grabbed his lover off of the floor, and had her gather up her clothes

As she dressed, he clinched in pain, for he himself took many blows

They took the man’s horse and carriage, and through the night they fled

And through a knife wound in his side, over many hours the boy bled

And as the morn shown first signs of light, in the distance they saw their town

But the boy could go no further, so he stopped the carriage and lay down

The girl began to weep in sadness, as she looked down at her love

He placed his hand upon her cheek, and he looks up at the sky above

With his final words he says to her, ‘Please, I beg you do not cry.

For though my body may pass away, my love for you won’t die.’

His body lies here to this day, marked only by this stone,

On which she wrote, ‘Rest In Peace, My love is thine, and thine alone.’

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a poem i made because of a dream

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vilmazab's picture

what a haunting and beautiful sad piece. although, it can make you cry, it is also a tribute to love without a happy ending.thank you for sharing.