Unanswered Prayer...

Lovey Dovey

I used to pray every night,

I prayed that him and me would last.

I prayed for that every night.

Night turned to day,

Day turned to weeks,

Weeks turned to months,

Fall faded to winter,

Winter turned to spring.


I prayed.

But then,

One day,

He left.

A couple guys came and went,

No one stayed to long.

Spring turned to summer,

Summer faded slowly into fall,

Fall turned to winter…

And I met you.

Winter is still here fading slowly into spring,

And still we are together.

I am again praying,

But I am also thanking.

I am thanking god,

For his unanswered prayer…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by garth brooks song "unanswered prayer"

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Katie Brewer's picture

soemtimes that is the case with me...thanks to unanswered prayers i met kyle and that was one of the best things that ever happened to me until he became a fucking dickhead. but garth brooks is good....that is a good song...but an awesome poem!