Love without Peace

Goethe's Poems

'Gainst snow, 'gainst raining,
'Gainst head wind straining,
In chasms seething,
Through haze-mists wreathing,
Always on! always on!
No rest, peace all gone!

Better be sharing
Suffering and sadness
Rather than bearing
A life of such gladness.
All that attraction
Of heart to heart tending,
Strange,how its action
Makes pain unending!

How to get free now?
Forestwards flee now?
Vain, all such sceming!
Life's crown all gleaming,
Restlessness too,
Love, that is you!


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Written by: Goethe in May 1776

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I want to read more!

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I will post more today ,

I will post more today , finding all my favorites to post . I Love Goethe and all his work . The Love , the things he writes about with passion .I feel in love with his work when I was 13 I found his book and had to have it ..

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