What is owed

It is funny how things work out ,
It is fucked up how I keep handing out ,
Once this final transaction is done ,
No more favors for you not a singal one ,
I am the one that would fall from this,
even though you are my sis ,
I try to help out whenever I can ,
Even if it would piss off my ol'man ,
You dont see the shit I put myself through ,
To do all the things I do for you ,
You just see my handouts as your savoir ,
But what happens when I need a small favor ,
I know it is your husband that causes this ,
I swear I am bout to tell him " My ass you can kiss "
I am only good to you when you need ,
Other than that you could care less about me indeed .
After you give me back what is owed ,
After this feel free to take another road .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a writting on the help I keep giving out , And when I need the help or I am waiting for what is owed to me I am constantly waiting or get turned away ... I can not and will not anymore I am tired of putting others before me , EXCEPT my KIDS AND HUSBAND ... NO MORE ...

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You've got a good rhythym

You've got a good rhythym going on, except a couple of the last few lines run a little long...

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Ha ha! I reach my limit with that about 5 years ago!

Turns out I didn't, I'm addicted to helping out for me :) xx happy day!

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