Its lonely, dark and cold
The familiar feeling is getting old
She closes her eyes and wishes for a new begingin
for the past to disappear
as she cries one singal tear
the constant hurt deep inside
the constant sadness she always hides
it is becoming to much to bear
for her feelings are hard to share
trapped inside her misery
constantly fighting to set it free
the thoughts tear her up inside
constant fear eats her alive

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This one is deep from the

This one is deep from the soul

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trapped inside her misery

very deep piece, great write.
The hard days are hard but the we can learn so much.
Change the past and the future by changing your stat of mind.
Meaning you change how the past now effects you and change tomorrow but how you handle the things that happen.
guess sound easier. doing it is always the hard part.
great write
keep penning