the joys of being a mom .

they run , jump , and play , you should hear the things they say .
they bring a certain joy to your lives , having them everyday is a special surprise .
even though some days are crazy full of aggravation , they sure to find a way to get your attention .
from wearing their food on top their head , to jumping up and down on your bed .
they are full of laughter and of joy , weather it is a girl or boy .
they are sometimes quiet or can be loud what ever it is they still make you proud .
they are the sweetest little angels , even when they get your thoughts all tangled.
they are full of wonder and why , you give them hugs and love especially when they cry .
how sweet it is to be a mother , i would not trade it for no other
they light up your world and bring you joy, weather it is a girl or boy .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my children , it is not finished ....

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Love this!

It's beautiful! Congrats girl! :D!

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Beautiful, I am not a parent

Beautiful, I am not a parent yet. but I had the honor and privelage to be a guardian over a lil angel during the span of my ex and I's relationship. watched him grow from being a lil thing in my arms to a bigger lil thing in my arms lol I have MANY fond and precious memories of lil loki I'd never trade for the world and while me and his mom are no longer dating I consider him a son to me and will always consider him a son.

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fond memories

the memories they give us to keep close to our hearts are a joy... I have two a 5 yr old girl and 3 year old boy and not a day goes by that they fill my life with laughter ....

you laugh at me because I am differant, I laugh at you because You are all the same ...(KoRn) J.D......

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A great poem.
I have a 3 yr i know the joys.
the poem flow well and i'm sure it'll hit the reader right at home if they have kids
keep penning