How much more shit must I take , how much more before I break .
Tired of living life in the dark in the unseen , I want to start anew and clean .
Trying to get my life in control , before times passes me and I am to old .
I should not live in the past , It is time for me to let go at last .
It is time for me to enjoy the good , even though I am misunderstood .
I will glow once again , I will get through this to the bitter end .

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Great poem

Hi a great poem, just a suggestion I would maybe change the first like to "how much more despair can I bear"
That is just a suggestion, the poem is a geart piece, and I have felt like this many times.
keep penning

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i am open to suggestions

i am open to suggestions Thanks I will work that in ..

you laugh at me because I am differant, I laugh at you because You are all the same ...(KoRn) J.D......