I Don't Care

Everyday I see people

who claim that they have faith.

They look at me and then they say

"Leave, you don't belong in this place."

Lord, who are they to judge me?

Are they so blind that they really can't see?

Or maybe they don't remember

that in you is the best place to be.

To them I turn a deaf ear

because I know that you're here,

and what they think

I don't care.

All the time I look beyond myself

trying to see faith in this world of despair.

Don't these people get it?

You gave your life so we could join you up there.

I don't care

about the things they say to me.

They don't dare

face themselves instead they're judging me.

Look in a mirror

is what I say to them

before I tell them about you,

and about heaven.

Lord I know you said to turn the other cheek,

but it's hard to love my enemy.

I do know what I have to do.

With all that I am

I will follow you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am still very much learning, that no matter what, in all I do I must follow Christ.  I am not perfect, but as I follow Christ, I will strive to be perfect even though it isn't possible in this life...I hope this rings true to you too...

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Beth Waltz's picture

I really like this chad this is one of my favs of your work this is the way to be let go and let god.