This nightmare dripping from the corners of my mind,

relapsing over and over without thinking twice.

Give me another hit I say as I get on my knees and beg,

even though deep down the addiction will never be fed.

Running my nails down my face with this added frustration,

while my consciousness has left me and completely faded.

How I've turned out this way is truly beyond my comprehension,

I continue to let myself relapse without putting up defenses.

I wake up the next morning, staring at myself with rage,

thinking how I've managed to gamble out in this game.

Crying to the thought of this becoming a true sickness,

giving in to the feeling of my own indulgence.

|I remember a time when I used to show no pity to those with addiction,

honestly, it's sort of funny how to tables just completely fucking shifted.|

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(June 14, 2009.) Fuck.

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