Just A Dream

-Just A Dream-

Dark lines streaked her face,

As the trumpets echoed with such grace.

And clips of how things were supposed to be,

Were the only thing she could see.

Slowly she walked down the aisle.

The walk seemed like it was a mile.

He promised tomorrow was just another day.

But that was before he was to fall astray...

There was a knock upon the door,

And silently her heart tore.

A man handed her a folded letter,

And she quickly realized the two lovers would never be together.

They sang the saddest song,

Of the emptiness they'd all feel for far too long.

God bless his soul.

Let it rest in full.

Her dress of pure white,

Faded black with the lingering night...

None of this seemed at all right.

But he wouldn't be back no matter how she longed to fight.

In front of her he stood so proper, so tall.

But she hadn't really seen him at all.

The flowers dropped from her hands,

As before her his casket stands.

Again her eyes grew blurry,

As she remembered how he told her not to worry.

They were in no hurry.

And with the death of her bright eyed gleam,

All he promised her became just a dream.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a school assignment, based from Carrie Underwood's Just a Dream

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